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Using it feels gross on my skin It's tacky Sticky and uncomfortable on my skin Unreal. Ea, Jingle Bells 🔔 🎄 are ringing and this deal i. I would give 5 stars but I was not happy with the granules that would not melt down even with fierce hand rubbing. Trust me. I blended it to help soften it—no difference . Starting at $39.00. TAHA 100% Natural African Shea Butter African Shea Butter is made from the nut of the African Shea Tree. And it works with any age - being non comedogenic . So after heating it up to a liquid quickly put it in the freezer until it's firm again...like a few hours or more. I swear it has been such a help to keep my aging skin at bay - in a good place to stay looking good for a long time. Check out Back2Africa.com today. Raw Unrefined Grade A Soft and Smooth African Shea Butter … I also use it on my face and body. I just wanted to tell yall if it can help my EXTREMELY DRY skin, I am sure it will really treat average to even oily skin because I do have acne prone skin on my face and I just use a little bit at night. I was in a pinch and needed Shea butter faster than my normal source could get it to me. I looove this product . I recently got a 2nd degree burn and I was thrilled when I found this product. I have used this product for many years now . My feet were embarrassingly dry and cracked I used to wash my feet with dawn soap if you can only imagine how it dried out my feet! I use it for face moisturizer, body moisturizer and also for my extremely dry feet, I have been using it 3 weeks and I can already see a dramatic difference in my feet. Best Shea Butter for Body Butter Supplies. As it warms up and softens I spread over my hands, arms and other dry spots.It doesn't take long for it to absorb and then there's no greasy leftovers. Unfortunately, when you buy shea butter on the market you may get just that as vendors cut their shea … I use on my skin and my hair as I have 4c hair and it does add moisture. I'm not sure reading the reviews of others why they couldn't get it to melt! I know everyone is saying you should melt it, but that should never be a REQUIREMENT with quality, authentic Shea. Rubbing did nothing. There is no excuse as to why me, the consumer, has to sit my shea butter in the microwave and THEN refreeze it, to get the desired consistency, so that I don't have to stand around for 15 minutes rubbing my skin off. Love that it made with natural ingredient and Fair Trade! The product was gritty and took forever to rub into my skin. There is so many great uses for Shea butter. Stay away from this mystery goo.. I love the smoothness of it and everything else to go with it. View Details. Whipped Kokum Butter Recipe | For Smooth Silky Skin, The Difference Between Shea Butter & Cocoa Butter. So I like to use this in the night time. I've used it all over my body. Check out our Raw Shea Butter Soap, Shea Nut Oil, Shea Butter Cream, Pure Organic Filtered Shea Butter, and more. I love, love it. I looove this product . A trio of be, It's Cyber Monday and your last chance to take adv, Shea Butter and Body Butter and Beeswax, oh my! Better Unrefined (about $16) comes in a bar form that makes it easy to add to DIY … Excellent product. Looking for raw, unrefined or whipped shea butter at wholesale prices? It is very moisturizing and absorbs easily. Although it's primarily used in cosmetics for its healing and moisturizing benefits, the butter is edible and used often in African cooking. A little goes a long way. I have totally recommended to friends that have dry, tight, red, cracked and flakey skin on face. Did a google search and came across this. I love the smoothness of it and everything else to go with it. This product is much lighter in color, has a less nutty scent and a terrible consistency. $9.21. They should stick with their amazing hair products and leave skin products to other companies. There ought to contain no other ingredients..no palm oil, no hexane, petroleum or mineral. I have totally recommended to friends that have dry, tight, red, cracked and flakey skin on face. The last few days, I`ve combined a tiny dab in with my self tanner to apply more smoothly , evenly, and for more moisture . Not sure how to return this without paying a bunch of money for shipping in the time of covid. I've recently returned from living in Africa and have used many locally made "organic, unrefined" Shea butters. It is soooo gritty!!! Learn more about the positive effects of Shea Butter … You get your money's worth w/this product, I heated/melted the 100% raw shea butter when it came in b/c it was lumpy & rock like. Even if you manage to melt some of it into your skin, you'll be left with tiny sand like pieces all over your skin. Smell—Though it's a bit on the 'perfume-y' side, it does smell pretty authentic; I prefer earthier/smokier Shea butters personally. where I can get a pound (16oz) of Shea Butter for $6. If you haven’t tried it you’re missing out on the best of the best! Starting at $39.00.

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