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There are a couple of fun revelations in there. And that dovetailed with a meeting I had with Michael Eisner, at the time the chairman of the Walt Disney Company. That’s all what contributed to Goliath Chronicles existing at all, but also being so different from the other two seasons. To learn more or opt-out, read our Cookie Policy. I have no idea whether we created it — there must be somebody before us who did it — but we definitely honed it. This interview has been edited for concision and clarity. She was a female lead who wasn’t a damsel in distress. Created by Greg Weisman and produced by Greg Weisman and Frank Paur, Gargoyles was a decidedly dark animated series for the time. I don’t get a dime off of it being on Disney Plus. [Laughs] It was Buena Vista Television, which was our distribution arm at the time, the syndication arm of the Walt Disney Company. And Xanatos was all about this exploitation, all about preparation. [Laughs] Because I really was that big of a fanboy. But all else being equal, he’d rather keep them alive, because you can’t exploit something you’ve killed. We didn’t call it the Xanatos Gambit back in the day. You mentioned Detective Maza being an inspiration for viewers. I’ve been through the same thing on Young Justice, where in the first two seasons on Cartoon Network, we weren’t allowed to be objective about our LGBTQ characters. For animation, you would do all your new episodes in the fall quarter, and then you would rerun them across the next three quarters, with new animation again in the following fall. With the 1990 animated series Gargoyles now on Disney Plus, creator Greg Weisman is hoping a new wave of viewership will let him continue the … Disney is really going hard on the live action adaptation movies. The lack of them in the first place, and then when you do see Xanatos with a cell phone, it’s the size of a brick. Is there any aspect of the show that you think plays differently for a 2020 audience? I just think we’d like to make more. Baby Yoda may rule Disney Plus, but this hidden gem is worth a look Commentary: Gargoyles, a cartoon for "kids" might be the most intriguing thing on Disney's new streaming service. If I had my way, completely selfishly, they wouldn’t have put Goliath Chronicles, what’s considered season 3, on Disney Plus. Why take a risk on a huge-budgeted Gargoyles live-action feature that might bomb, when you could make another Marvel movie? There are moments here and there that are probably decent, but in the back 12 episodes, there isn’t a single one that feels right to me. The series, about a race of creatures who turn to stone by day and live as flesh by night, started out in 1990s Manhattan, and initially focused on a small group of gargoyle survivors of a massacre in medieval Scotland. Ever since Disney+ Plus launched, they really have been taking crazy notes on their analytics. Someone even re-edited my script after I was gone. We’d already lost six weeks on our schedule. It was only on once a week, and it did really well. The animation, by and large, is really gorgeous. Bad Guys was the actual spinoff that got the furthest. [Laughs] I like to think Gargoyles was a positive influence on creators, but I don’t have any good stories there. We’re doing a story set in Manhattan, I wanted Manhattan to reflect the multi-ethnic, multi-racial Manhattan I knew. I knew a couple months ahead of time that it would be part of the service. I’d love to, especially if they let me write and produce it. There were a lot of talented people who worked on that season. That would be huge for me, emotionally. That show was a blockbuster. But now it’s available to a completely different generation of people, who are just going to see it all as one big unit on Disney Plus without knowing the history behind it. Have you spoken to him? I don’t earn any money off of Gargoyles. But even so, do you have favorites that you wouldn’t want people to miss? By choosing I Accept, you consent to our use of cookies and other tracking technologies. Typically, they adorn the sides of ornate architecture, directing water away from buildings through hidden spouts. The Mandalorian: Season 2, Episode 6 Review, Metal Gear Solid Bionic Arm Has Come to Life, boot up Disney+ in the near future to rewatch some classics, sign up for Disney+ today using a free trial, handful of different movies and shows to watch, spoiler-free review of The Mandalorian Episode 1, Things Ghost of Tsushima Doesn't Tell You. Archenemy Demona unleashes a plot to turn the entire population of New York into statues. Our toys fell off. If I really had my first choice, I’d be like, “More than anything else, I just want to take Gargoyles and pick up where it left off, set in 1997, and do this period piece.” But odds are, any discussion along those lines would have parameters: Walt Disney Television Animation or whoever would be like, “Hey, this is what we’re doing.” Or “This is what we’re interested in.” So I could definitely see doing Gargoyles 2198, which launches the story into the future, and has this clean, fresh start. Jeffrey left to found DreamWorks. Spin-off notions and all sorts of things. I am on episode 6 of this amazing animated series and I am begging you all to see this hidden gem! Weisman and his team, including writer/story editor Michael Reaves, were ahead of their time with Gargoyles. It always felt a little cowardly to me to not have Lexington be out, but it’s not like I had the power to say “We’re doing this.” If I had insisted, I just would have gotten fired. Although production-wise, that would probably be one of the harder ones. I’ve got notebooks and comp books full of ideas for it. Obviously no one wants a bad version of Gargoyles, and if it sucked, that would be horrible. So every episode was meant to start and end with the same status quo, with nothing changing. A lot of those proto-ideas for spin-offs are listed on your FAQ. All the people I’d worked for who were the big Gargoyles champions were gone. You could have Marina Sirtis play Demona, because those would be CGI characters in a live-action world. How are you feeling about Gargoyles these days? I wanted to have the character have some resonance with Goliath, so we said, “What if he was from Scotland, like Goliath? Then Michael and I went to town on that, bringing in Puck and Oberon and Titania. For more information, see our ethics policy. And he was talked out of it in the meeting, which is still wildly ironic to me. I guess I’d watch them all one more time, to see what problems they might or might not cause for us, since it’s been literally 24 years since those aired. I can’t say for sure if that’s true, I have no idea. Gargoyles 24/10/1994 11/11/2019 actie, animatie, avontuur. So I don’t want to take much credit for not championing something beyond my ability to champion it. The character of Elisa Maza, played by Salli Richardson, seems to have made a huge difference to a lot of people. Just the prestige to let me do more in animation. And you can see why. Not in a pedantic way, but in a real way. If I had to pick a single favorite episode, there’s one called “The Mirror,” which to me is the ultimate Gargoyles episode. Why take a chance on what they viewed as an obscure 1990 show with a cult following, when you can just do a Spider-Man cartoon, or a Star Wars cartoon? The story is strong, the characters pop. Weisman has had a successful career in TV animation, as the creator of shows like DC’s stellar superhero series Young Justice and Sony Pictures’ The Spectacular Spider-Man, and as a writer-producer on Star Wars Rebels, among many other shows. Fans of the show back in the 1990s were very aware of the personnel switch going into season 3, and were vocal about not liking the massive tonal switch. One thing I’ve talked about with fans is that character of Lexington, one of the gargoyles, was gay. You could really bring that show to life in a way that I think would be really cool. [Laughs] You’d have to pick a show you think was influenced by it, and then go ask their creators if Gargoyles means anything to them. Description: A clan of heroic night creatures pledge to protect modern New York City as they did in Scotland one thousand years earlier. When Michael Reaves, Frank, and I were developing the Gargoyles character that would ultimately become Macbeth, we started with this notion of wanting a physical adversary for Goliath, someone who didn’t have superpowers, but was a great warrior, and used tech. Disney have been trying to develop a sequel since 1989. Was there more to it? And then two weeks later, I got the call saying, “Hey, you said you could do 13, right?” And I said, “That was two weeks ago, but I still think we can do 13 if we get started now.” And then two weeks later, they called and said, “You said you could do 18!” I’m like, “That was a month ago! And I’d be more likely to say yes to it. It’s been 25 years, and you’ve done so many other shows in the interim. I mean, really, the one thing that dates the show, honestly, is the cell phones. Gargoyles (also known as Gargoyles: The Goliath Chronicles for season 3) is an American animated television series produced by Walt Disney Television and distributed by Buena Vista Television, and originally aired from October 24, 1994, to February 15, 1997.The series features a species of nocturnal creatures known as gargoyles that turn to stone during the day. I have tremendous sympathy for the people who did season 3. I was thrilled when they decided, “Well, we got it, we might as well put it up there.” Because I do think it represents a slim shot at bringing the show back. What’s your emotional relationship to the series? What went into developing that particular aspect of his personality, the “All my defeats are secretly victories” attitude? So if we got a new season of Gargoyles, I would hope that in this day and age, they’d let us be more open. gargoyles; disney plus; About The Author. I’m a huge fan of his. The dark horse of Disney’s afternoon programming, Gargoyles imagines that New York’s gargoyles, perched high above the city, come to life at night. And that’s significant, because at the time, toys paid for an animated show to be made. They told me they were going to do it at DIC, which was not a high-quality studio back in those days. Meagan Damore (4955 Articles Published) Meagan Damore has served as a CBR Editor since January 2015, though she got her start as a staff reviewer in 2013. Details File Size: 743KB Duration: 1.560 sec Dimensions: 498x228 Created: 11/27/2019, 12:40:47 AM I still am, but I’m too tired to chase it everywhere. I don’t know that it would be better in live action, and God knows it could certainly be worse. I tried to guide them, but they didn’t really listen too much. You’ve cost us a month!” “Well, you said you could do 18!” “Okay, we’ll manage, we’ll do 18.”. Particularly back then, before I had kids, I would chase Shakespeare everywhere. For a lot of people, Gargoyles was their first experience with American animation having long-form story arcs, and characters who evolved over time. Sie handelt von den Abenteuern einer Gruppe schottischer Gargoyles (an mittelalterliche Wasserspeier angelehnte Figuren), Wesen, die am Tag zu Stein werden und sich nach 1000-jährigem Schlaf im modernen New York zurechtfinden müssen. All but seven hours later, a handful of classic Disney shows have skyrocketed in popularity on Twitter, including the ever-loved Gargoyles. It’s got pretty kick-ass animation and great character work. I would LOVE to see this as an upcoming live adaptation! And it’s certainly ripe for further development. Source: ComicBook.com Tags: Gargoyles There have been more like them since then, but back then, I think they were pretty unique and special. Classic Disney Afternoon cartoons like TaleSpin, DuckTales, Gargoyles, and more are coming to Disney Plus, the new streaming service due out later this year. So they weren’t too eager to keep me around. She felt pretty real. When the Young Justice revival was announced, our boss here at Warner Brothers, Sam Register, said to us about the first few seasons of Young Justice, “You created the perfect binge-watching show, you just did it five years too soon.” Which just means Gargoyles was the perfect binge-watching show, created 25 years too soon. We had a great Beauty and the Beast love story in her slow-burning relationship with Goliath. There was a rumor back in 2018 that Jordan Peele was interested in doing a big-screen Gargoyles. [Laughs] That was a fundamental fact of who I was back then. Why so much Shakespeare in the show? But those are never decisions I get to make. Disney owns it 100%, but I obviously feel territorial about it. Disney Plus is set to launch on November 12th so get ready to binge watch all of Gargoyles and start lobbying the platform for even more episodes. That surprised me, when I found that out, because I had been told the opposite, that they weren’t going to put it up there. We’d done 13 episodes on a 10-month sliding schedule, which means you’ve got 10 months for each step, and they overlap. I wouldn’t call it a grand slam, but it was definitely a home run. Obviously it’s the best place to start, it’s our pilot. This Golden Age we’re in all goes back to Hill Street for me. By Andrew Smith I understand that. We use cookies and other tracking technologies to improve your browsing experience on our site, show personalized content and targeted ads, analyze site traffic, and understand where our audiences come from. [Laughs] Part of it was in discussions with myself, Michael Reaves, and [supervising producer] Frank Paur. Initially, I include Eisner in that, but Roy Disney forced him to — he was accused of being a micromanager, so there were things he gave up doing, and one of them was choosing the animated series. I'm told #Gargoyles … I don’t own it. Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker vanaf 5 mei op Disney plus. So Buena Vista came to us and said, “We want to strip the show” — meaning that instead of it just being once a week, they wanted it to be five days a week, the following year. Yeah, they just didn’t. That was one of the reasons I hesitated to stay on, because it seemed like it was going to a lower-quality studio. I think it turned out really strong. So I’d ignore or write around those 12 stories, and not think about them much. And they were giving us very little time, and literally an entire new staff of people making the show, almost without exception. It shows the Shakespearean influence that’s heavy in the show. At the time, I didn’t even think about it. In a matter of hours, one watcher already tore through Disney Channel shows like Darkwing Duck, Tailspin, Gargoyles and Goof Troop. Are there things I might change a little here? They didn’t have time to learn the show. And yet I’m so thrilled that it is, I’m thrilled that it represents a chance — even if it’s a slim chance — to bring it back. Gargoyles is still my baby. But we tried at least to lead the way, or guide the way, so that if down the road, things got better, we could do more with it. The problem with a question like that is that nothing truly exists in a vacuum. My understanding — not inside information, just my understanding — is that he expressed an interest in the property. Since the show went up on Disney Plus, he’s been using social media to engage with fans, encouraging them to binge and share the show, in hopes that Disney will take notice of the franchise and revive it. In terms of long-form storytelling, I wish I could say, “Oh yeah, the creators of this show or that show say they never would have done their show if it wasn’t for Gargoyles.” No one’s done that. The main problem we had was, they wanted 52 episodes in the fall of 1995. "I'm thrilled and look forward to welcoming a new generation of Gargoyles fans," actor Keith David, who played Goliath, said in an emailed statement about the show coming to Disney Plus… So yeah, I have always wished they didn’t exist. But from a cartoon standpoint, I do think Gargoyles was — I think I can say this in all modesty — ahead of its time. I keep telling my kids that as the iPhone just keeps getting bigger and bigger, pretty soon we’ll be back to those brick-size cell phones we used to have in the early 1990s. Ook Disney. I’ve got a timeline for the show that’s 315 pages long. We’re going to go with someone else.’”. This was in the mid-1990s. You know, we were heavily influenced by Hill Street Blues, which to me is the beginning of modern television. It was a great moment that didn’t pan out, but it was a great moment. So we just tried to write him consistently as a gay character, so that if someday, when the world was a different, better place, we could acknowledge it and it wouldn’t seem like it was out of left field. We were thinking in terms of Batman, if he were evil. So there wasn’t going to be a season 3 at all. I’d like to think — I don’t know this, I want to make that clear — that he’d still be interested in doing something with it if a new opportunity arose. They ended up doing the show at Nelvana. The Best Nintendo Switch Cyber Monday Deals, Batman Beyond: The Classic That Nobody Wanted, Cyberpunk 2077 Night City Wire: Johnny Silverhand, Music, and Animation Details Revealed, Spider-Man: Miles Morales Names a Street After Chadwick Boseman, Star Wars: Everything We Know About George Lucas' Abandoned Sequel Trilogy. You have to remember what TV was like in the ’90s. 100% Kostenlos Online 3000+ Serien We called them Xanatos tags, because it was always a tag at the end of an episode. They had a really difficult schedule. 29/04/2020 07/05/2020. It’d just be another way to let the show live and breathe again. We encourage you to read our updated PRIVACY POLICY and COOKIE POLICY. Disney Plus Has Gargoyles Episodes Uncensored for the First Time in Decades These versions haven't been available since their original physical release. But my guess is that we’d wind up just doing more of the show. We wanted Xanatos to be smart in a way that we hadn’t seen villains be in the past. I’m not saying I’d refuse, but I’m really proud of the work we did, and I don’t think it needs a reboot. That’s a deal I’d take. It tickles me beyond belief that the trope is named after us. But mostly, the show is rather timeless, and it still works the same way for an audience. But if something is done with it, and I think being on Disney Plus counts as something, there’s at least a shot at allowing us to tell more stories in that universe. Goliath has been tricked by humans and discovers that his entire clan has been destroyed. I’m like, “Well, yes, but I can do other things too,” he tells Polygon. But for a lot of longtime fans, one of the platform’s most exciting offerings was one of its least promoted: the entire run of the 1994-1997 animated series Gargoyles. ... Nieuwe uitlog functie voor Disney plus. They came to me and asked me to take a demotion from producer to story editor, which was, as you can imagine, a less-than-exciting prospect. She had parents, she had siblings, she had a cat. You might save one or two episodes for the spring sweeps. But at the time, there were fall sweeps and spring sweeps. Was that primarily because she was a woman of color and a female lead in a position of authority? Which is a horrible thing to say about someone else’s work, but it just doesn’t feel like Gargoyles to me. But when it would have been time for a third season, a couple things happened, and one of them was that all my bosses vanished. Should he read this article, I would love to work with him. As Gargoyles is delivering a huge dose of nostalgia on the streaming platform Disney Plus, Weisman remains optimistic that they might one day bring it back. Gargoyles on Disney Plus. I’ve read that the Shakespeare influence primarily came from you. So in season 1, we were the number 1 show in our afternoon slot, and in season 2, we were consistently number 2. But for me — I wrote the first episode, but did not produce it. We managed to do 31, so from my point of view, I was a hero. In and of itself? If you buy something through one of these links, we may earn an affiliate commission. So I think she became, for a lot of people, an aspirational character. We went to the Utah Shakespeare Festival, the Oregon Shakespeare Festival. But you could have Keith David play Goliath. It definitely wasn’t me! Jetzt Staffel 1 von Gargoyles – Auf den Schwingen der Gerechtigkeit und weitere Staffeln komplett als gratis HD-Stream mehrsprachig online ansehen. One of the things I’m proudest about in the show is that Xanatos and Demona, who are very different, feel like truly original villains, of a kind I just don’t think had been seen on TV up to that point.

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