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Regardless of the Kenmore model, such as a Kenmore side by side refrigerator freezer not freezing or a Kenmore bottom freezer not freezing, the causes typically are the same. Kenmore Elite Refrigerator not cooling. Used (normal wear), Kenmore Elite Refrigerator for Sale. Bought Kenmore Elite refrigerator model 795.74023.411 on 1/8/2016 for $2599.99 on 6/4/2020 it stopped cooling. LG) French door refrigerator/bottom freezer with in-door water/ice - model 795.73153.610 - not cooling (easy to find this seemingly common problem with many of the “795” LG models, but finding a solution has proven not so easy.) Already cleaned the coils behind the kick panel. New overload relay fixed my 10 year old Kenmore Elite Trio I'm chiming in to let the next person know that I replaced my overload relay part #67002783 and it resolved my refrigerator not cooling even as the fan was blowing and the lights were on. kenmore coldspot 106 diagnostic mode. There is another fan in the bottom rear that is also on. Model: 596.73503201. Only the parts are covered by warranty, not labor. The compressor and fan is coming on in the back, all of the fans in the cabinet seem to be working properly, yet it is not cooling. The freezer is working fine, the air flow into the freezer is working, the fan is on. If you want a sharp kitchen that looks and feels like a work of professional designer, and stay within budget, consider the Stainless Steel Kenmore Elite Freezerless Refrigerator.By uniting two full size, freestanding appliances – the freezerless refrigerator, the freezer, and adding the built-in trim kit, you will achieve the sleek touch of a single built-in appliance. I have a Kenmore Elite Refrigerator 795.72092.310 was giving an ER rF code. I called Sears because the compressor is under warranty, but I have to wait 2 months for an authorized repair service to diagnose the issue and THEN they have to order the parts. Kenmore Elite Refrigerator Not Cooling. Thank you. New board was received today and installed. I can not use normal cycle at all it wont let me chose water temperature or Spin speed. No cooling (room temp inside fridge) Fans work (including the fan blowing across the coils) Compressor seems to be running (slight vibration) One of the lines on the compressor (the one that goes to the coils) is very slightly warm - not "hot" at all Demo Mode allows the lights and control display to work normally while disabling cooling to save energy while on the showroom floor. It stopped cooling and freezing late Sept 2020. Kenmore elite refrigerator not cooling for sale, a new november for its also browse our serial number was not cooling condenser coils are having with our problems but there may. My Kenmore refrigerator and freezer is not getting cold; just blowing air. Brand: Kenmore. I have vacuumed the coils - Answered by a verified Appliance Technician please help me. Kenmore Elite not cooling refrigerator side or side by side. DIY: How to Repair a Refrigerator Door Gasket. Hello, we provide concise yet detailed articles on "Refrigerator Choices: Kenmore Elite Refrigerator Not Cooling Freezer Working" topic. Kenmore Elite 79574015411 bottom-mount refrigerator parts - manufacturer-approved parts for a proper fit every time! Top 5 Most Common Refrigerator Repairs. How-To. The condenser fins are free of excessive dust. the lowest temperature i can get for the freezer is 5 and the refrigerator is 33. all of the coils were dirty and were vacuumed and cleaned, but the appliance is still not cooling. Refrigerator not cooling. The compressor would draw up to 0.8 amps and then shut down. This video from Sears PartsDirect explains how to troubleshoot problems with your refrigerator when it's not cooling, including checking for frost buildup and faulty components such as the evaporator fan, the compressor and the temperature sensor. Chapter 1: Kenmore refrigerator's heat flow and air flow. Not in demo mode (tried putting it in & out to reset, no joy) Lights & controls work. Options. I made sure I'd leveled it front, back, and side.The fan is working, the damper is working, it's just blowing air. No iced up walls in freezer. Condenser fan is running OK. So far I tried shutting it off for over 5 minutes but in vain. Sears behavior is a lesson in how not to treat customers. January 08, 2020. The refrigerator control is set to OFF (some models). todd, i have a kenmore elite side by side. Product: Refrigerator. We also have installation guides, diagrams and manuals to help you along the way! 4 year old kenmore Elite refrigerator. Reply. Compressor, fans, and everything seems to be working, but it’s not cooling anymore. Kenmore elite refrigerator cooling troubleshooting. I need help to fix it. Help! Report. I have a Kenmore Elite Refrigerator that has stopped cooling not sure why maybe someone knows how to fix or use for parts. The compressor runs, the condenser fan runs, the evap fan runs (I can feel air blowing out of vents at back of freezer). Had a repair technician diagnose the problem, saying it is the compressor. Fridge is from 2010. Appliance Repair Process: Step-by-Step Guide . DIY Project Help Tips. My Kenmore Elite refrigerator purchased 8/16/2016 for $2100 stopped cooling. Freezer set to 0F, fridge set to 34F Freezer measures 32F, fridge measures 44F. The light, compressor etc. I also cleaned the inside too. Kenmore elite bottom freezer - Refrigerator not cooling, but freezer is working good. are on. I recently found out that my Kenmore Elite Model 79572053110 stopped cooling the freezer, and the refrigerator. 29+ cubic feet. Hi All, I have a Kenmore Elite Model 795.71053.010 refrigerator that is not cooling at all. Diagnose the problem and then learn how to fix it with step-by-step instructions. Model No 795.79782.902 French door. Groups: Registered Joined: 10/14/2016(UTC) Posts: 2. Some of the more common Kenmore refrigerator issues include temperature control problems, noisy ice makers, or condenser fans that keep running even after the fridge has reached a designated temperature. Kenmore Elite Trio Model 59673503200 fridge not cooling, Freezer is fine. If your refrigerator isn't cooling, then these are the tips you need. In talking to sears service they suspected a bad mother board. Portland, OR. Kenmore elite refrigerator (not cooling) - $350 < image 1 of 3 > QR Code Link to This Post. A Sears technician said we needed a new control board, so we replaced it and we’re still getting that code. Does that seem to be true? Problem Possible causes Solutions; Refrigerator and Freezer section are not cooling. Unfortunately, we had unplugged the appliance and were not told prior to make sure it was plugged in. We began seeing water come from the bottom of it. Header Ads. Turn the control ON. Pick up locally. Sold ‘as is’. Chapter 2: Special types of refrigerators. Somewhere along the line someone put one of those bullet piercing valves on the thing to add refrigerant. Refrigerator is set to demo mode. Report This by Manage My Life. June 9, 2016 at 9:32 pm. Share. For Parts. We purchased it June 2012 and had a Kenmore appliance dealer come out to evaluate it. The compressor appears to be running - there is a faint vibration/hum and it gets hot (IR thermometer says 145 degrees). When you find the article helpful, feel free to share it … Sears is here to help your refrigerator get its chill back. From what I have read, it seems like it is most likely the compressor and I may need a hard start kit. I have a Kenmore Elite Model 53609202 side-by-side. Issue: Kenmore Elite (i.e. Kenmore Elite Refrigerator. Kathy, Kenmore Elite Refrigerator ER rF code means issue with fan in the fridge. Kenmore Elite Refridgerator - not cooling properly. OUR KENMORE REFRIGERATOR REPAIR MANUAL COVERS. the fan works properly but the freezer nor refrigerator is properly cooling. The fan on the back works, the lights inside the refrigerator work but the inside of the refrigerator and freezer are not cold. Common Problems. I live in an area that service is not supported by Sears. Local pickup (143 miles away) Posted 1 month ago in Appliances. Our Kenmore refrigerator with a bottom freezer is not cooling (either one). French doors up top and freezer below. January 19th, 2013. Sears refuses to honor warranty because we had someone else look at it first who told us the compressor is bad. I have a Kenmore Elite French Door that will not cool at all (Model# 795.73157.610). Save to my models. I have a Kenmore Elite refrigerator that is not cooling. Home / / Lg Refrigerator Not Cooling Chevellee. Portland, OR Map is approximate to keep the seller's location private. Instead, we focus on diagnosis and repair procedures for the most common symptoms such as not cooling, ice or water buildup, compressor not working, noisy operation and other electrical troubles. Kenmore Elite refrigerator 795.73153.610 (made by LG) with LG Compressor (FLB075BNA) Purchased in Jan 2017 and delivered/installed in Feb 2017. Shop Parts. There is nothing in the refrigerator to block the vents. Model: 79572053110: Brand: Kenmore: Age: 1 - 5 years: Previous Topic Next Topic: lawprelim #1 Posted : Friday, October 14, 2016 1:17:55 PM(UTC) Rank: Member . I cleaned and vacuumed the back panel, removed all the dust, as much as I can, including the fan, coils, and all the stuff in the back panel. My Kenmore Elite 76572 refrigerator is not cooling properly. I have a Kenmore Elite Trio Refrigerator Model # 596 73503200 The fridge stopped cooling, although the freezer was still cold and making ice. Save. Not cooling properly, freon pipes need repair.. Make an offer! JJA (7) Make offer Ask. I local appliance serviceman looked at the fridge. My refrigerator is not cooling. The information here is sourced well and enriched with great visual photo and video illustrations. Problem Solved: My Kenmore Elite refrigerator stopped working. Diagnostic mode for kenmore elite refrigerator Some do have a diagnostic mode and some do not. Still not working. ... Kenmore Elite vs. Kenmore PRO. I set the freezer and fridge temperatures to 0 deg F and 37 deg F respectively, as recommended but they go back to 12/14 deg F and 50/52 deg F, needless to say it is not making ice. How to Locate an Appliance Model Number. Bought a new one to save the food so no longer need this one.

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