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The OTF knife is great for anyone that has a busy hand and needs to open and close a knife with one single hand. Continue Shopping. On the other hand, this ease of concealment and possibility to inflict injury or possible fatality raised plenty of concerns and controversies—particularly with the rise of violent gangs within the inner cities during the 1950s.Federal Switchblade ActCongress passed the "Federal Switchblade Act" in 1958, whereby it regulated the import of switchblades into the US and regulated sale of switchblades across State borders. Even though most states allow the possession and carrying of switchblades, some states have completely banned them, while others have some strict requirements.Before you purchase an OTF knife, it is important that you understand the laws in the state where you reside. *New York’s state law provides an exception for “Possession of a switchblade or gravity knife for use while hunting, trapping or fishing by a person carrying a valid license.” Whether this affects sale or type of carry is unclear. An OTF knife works when you press a button located on the side of the knife. Connecticut - only if blade is ≤1.5" Delaware - ILLEGAL . Filter by Brand . Ownership Laws. To retract the blade back into the handle, a release lever, or linerlock is pressed. Florida - LEGAL. It Is LEGAL To Own Any Type Of Knife In Ohio Knives you can legally own in Ohio: Switchblades, Gravity, OTF (Out-the-front) Balison, Butterfly; Ballistic; Dirk, Dagger; Bowie; Carry restriction still apply to certain knives; please check below. You also had a law that just completely banned switchblades of any type. Knives commonly mistaken for gravity knives include OTF automatic knives, the switchblade and the butterfly knife (or balisong), and occasionally common … An OTF Knife Laws Guide By Tekto Gear. Let’s start with the basics. If you are not already a member of Knife Rights, then we highly encourage you to join their efforts.. It has a black handle that is 5.5” long and also has a belt clip on the side. Please consult your specific state laws. No, unless used as a collection piece, Yes, if blade is less than or equal to 3", Yes, if blade is less than or equal to 5.5", Yes, if blade is less than ro equal to 3". Let’s start with the basics. 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Tank Tough Tactical Knives Lifetime Warranty, Cerakote Spartan Tactical OTF Knife (Tungsten), Enigma OTF Karambit (Black) - "Select Series", Cerakote Spartan Tactical OTF Knife (Graphite Black & Carbon Fiber Inlay), Cerakote RCT-1 Raven Tactical OTF Knife (Graphite Black), We are giving one lucky winner an RCT-2 Raven Tact, Knife Owners’ Protection Act Gains Additional Sponsors in Congress, Wisconsin Switchblade Ban Repealed, Knife Law Preemption Enacted repealing dozens of local knife restrictions and preventing any future local restrictions, Oklahoma Dagger, Bowie Knife, Dirk Knife and Sword Cane Carry Ban Repealed, West Virginia Permitless (Constitutional) Weapons Carry including Knives Enacted, Maryland – “Knives” Stripped from Weapons Ban on College Campuses Bill, Led Efforts that resulted in NJ Governor Chris Christie Veto of 2 Anti-Hunting/Anti-Conservation Bills that would have also Adversely Impacted Many Knife Collectors, Led or Assisted Efforts that Defeated Ivory Ban Anti-Knife and Anti-Hunting/Anti-Conservation Bills in MD, OR, AR, GA, FL, IA, VA, OK, RI, MI, CT, IL, HI, NV, VT, CT, NM, DE & WA, New York Knife Law Reform Bill to address NYC Bogus Gravity Knife Arrests and Prosecutions Passed – Vetoed by Governor, NYC Federal Civil Rights Lawsuit Continues – June 2016 Trial Held, Free Knife Check at NRA Annual Meeting for 2600 Members Attending Donald Trump Speech, Knife Rights as Amicus Invited to Appear Before California Supreme Court on Appeal by State to Overturn Decision that an Open Slipjoint Knife (Swiss Army Knife) Carried Concealed is Not an Illegal Dagger – CA Supreme Court Upholds Lower Court Decision cites Knife Rights oral argument and amicus brief. Subscribe to get special offers, free giveaways, and once-in-a-lifetime deals. Knife laws can be divided into these two categories: ownership laws and carry laws. Because of these laws, we have been able to spread our reach wide. Florida - LEGAL. Knife Rights has done many things for us knife lovers. Usually includes any transfer of ownership, even gifts. OTF or out the front knives are spring-loaded knives that open at the push of a button. Thanks to the works of fine organizations like Knife Rights (kniferights.org), there have been many states that have overturned their ancient laws regarding knives and OTF’s. **Information cited from: “http://weaponlaws.wikidot.com/us-switchblade-laws” and “https://kniferights.org/about/accomplishments/”. Knife Owners’ Protection Act of 2017 (H.R. This is our largest OTF with an overall length of nearly 10 Inches. Posted by Tekto Gear on November 04, 2016. Sale = The legality of merchants and private citizens offering switchblades for sale or selling them. For the most part, Florida knife laws are easy. Concealed Carry = legality of carrying a switchblade in a concealed manner on one’s person(or most of the time, in a car). Under this law, any automatic opening or gravity knife given, sold, hired out to, exposed for sale, or lent to another after 13 June 1959 is an illegal act, and any offer of sale or hire of such a knife is illegal. This is a heavy duty knife that will take on even the most extreme cutting tasks. Every Midtech OTF Knife comes with a Lifetime Warranty. This has allowed us as a company to travel and share our awesome product to more states than ever before. It has been a busy few years in the world of knife laws / de-regulations…. The primary confusion about the knife law in Ohio is that there is minimal clear cut statutory guidance about the difference between a common pocketknife carried for utilitarian purposes and a “deadly weapon” that is illegal under the law. FREE SHIPPING . Work done by organizations like Knife Rights, many states have changed their ancient laws of knives and OTF knives. There is an exception for private military schools. There are no new laws, nor are there any additions or changes to existing laws, in Oklahoma for 2018. Thanks to the works of fine organizations like Knife Rights (kniferights.org), there have been many states that have overturned their ancient laws regarding knives and OTF’s. Montana, a state that is very “libertarian” with gun laws, has banned switchblades entirely from the state. Balisong/butterfly knives are in a … Arkansas - LEGAL . Concealed carrying of deadly or dangerous knives is completely banned here. It is also a double-edged blade that can jump out once the button is pressed forwards and will retract once the pin is pulled backward. If “Yes,” balisongs are subject to all the same restrictions as switchblades listed for that state. Alaska - LEGAL. Not only are they safe to carry for the user when deactivated, but they can also protect and defend the user via a simple push of a button. OTS State Laws Misconception #1. OTF Knives are forbidden in Germany and cannot be sold there. Knife laws in New Mexico are pretty strict for the knife-users. Double Edge Demon OTF. All rights reserved. The Venom 2TR is another double action OTF knife that you do not want to mess with. The effective date of HB33 is September 18, 2013. We have a comprehensive compilation of the laws generously provided and update by The American Knife & Tool Institute.

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