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Wholesale Shea Butter is now available from Back2Africa. I am not affiliated with this product or company. Whipped Kokum Butter Recipe | For Smooth Silky Skin, The Difference Between Shea Butter & Cocoa Butter. So after heating it up to a liquid quickly put it in the freezer until it's firm again...like a few hours or more. Acne. I was told,YES heat it up into a liquid but if it doesn't cool off quickly, you'll end up with the same grit. I mean yellow Shea will take a much longer time to absorb into the skin in comparison to beige, but this is on another level.. At any rate, here I am wanting to order more butter… But it's nice that it lasts such a long time. I used to HATE any lotions or creams on my skin so as you can imagine I have terribly dry skin from over the years of neglecting my skin. Best Shea Butter for Body Butter Supplies. ‼️Black Friday Special‼️ Great Ho-Ho-Holid. I do wish it was in a glass jar! I use to concoct my own face moisturizer blend - the butter has healed and keeps at bay the sensitive, red and easily irritated areas of my face. I don't want to put a bunch of garbage chemicals on my bodies largest organ, my skin. I've used this brand of Shea butter and it works well for moisturizing all, from head to toe. Blend the butter, my arms are tired. I love, love it. Check out Back2Africa.com today. This product is much lighter in color, has a less nutty scent and a terrible consistency. I love using it on both my hair & skin. And I would love to be easy on them, but I'm giving this review because your products are typically good. If they had not taken my advice, they do not know what they are missing. Wake up in the morning and my skin feels super soft. It has a small amount of natural sunscreen properties. Definitely not what I expected. My Brother's Love offers the best in natural skin care in the Atlanta Georgia Area. There is no excuse as to why me, the consumer, has to sit my shea butter in the microwave and THEN refreeze it, to get the desired consistency, so that I don't have to stand around for 15 minutes rubbing my skin off. Rub this butter between your palms and it just melts with the heat of your hand and smells and feels SO good all over my body. To use, a small amount is rubbed in hand, which makes it easy to apply and melts into your skin. TAHA 100% Natural African Shea Butter African Shea Butter is made from the nut of the African Shea Tree. I actually sat it outside in the heat and it completely melted down and has been the best! This was stored such that it had melted, then when it cooled it separated into crystallized clumps and oil. Works well for skin and hair. I love the smoothness of it and everything else to go with it. Love when I find a great product to share! I've been using this for a while and love it! The price is well worth + for the quality, and the quantity, A little, and I mean a teeny dab, goes a long way. It was very simple- just melt, let freeze for an hour or two, and whip it up. Ea, Jingle Bells 🔔 🎄 are ringing and this deal i. Although it's primarily used in cosmetics for its healing and moisturizing benefits, the butter is edible and used often in African cooking. And they are made without preservatives, synthetic ingredients,  and all the other junk that no one wants. My feet were embarrassingly dry and cracked I used to wash my feet with dawn soap if you can only imagine how it dried out my feet! And it works with any age - being non comedogenic . I have a blond balayage and it's bouncing with the rest of my natural color now. I have not had a problem with flakes and dryness in a good couple of years that I`ve used this . I seriously thought I'd destroyed my curls forever and I'd have to cut it super short and never color it again. It sets well and hair looks professionally done. I was excited to try this because I love shea butter. I've had color damage to my mixed hair for about a year now and I've been so upset about losing my curls. Personally I love that it only has one ingredient. Unreal. Use Natural Shea butter … Bottled Shea Butter Spa Products by Greenwich Bay Trading Company Luxurious spa products enriched with shea butter, cocoa butter and select essential oils & natural extracts. Melted Shea is pretty much a super thick oil, there's no reason it shouldn't dissolve—smooth or gritty texture. This product mostly exfoliated my skin instead of moisturizing it. I have totally recommended to friends that have dry, tight, red, cracked and flakey skin on face. I can blend it with other products, or use on it`s own . It has a small amount of natural sunscreen properties. You get your money's worth w/this product, I heated/melted the 100% raw shea butter when it came in b/c it was lumpy & rock like. Trust me. I also use, and recommend to blend with coconut oil, and a fave body lotion for a great body butter ! It is my ultimate Go To for moisturizing every part of myself , from face, body, to hair, hands and nails. Now 10yrs old and still use this. Shea Nut Butter - Virgin Organic . Better Unrefined. Functionality—I've never had a beige butter THIS sticky and difficult to rub in and it doesn't completely dissolve—that's just weird for Shea butter. Unrefined African Shea Butter - Ivory, 100% Pure & Raw - Moisturizing and Rich Body Butter for Dry Skin - Suitable for All Skin Types - Use Alone or in DIY Whipped Body Butters - 16 oz (1 LB) Bar. Whips up beautifully! I love this product because it has only 1 ingredient, organic shea butter. I wash my hands all day as a teacher and my hands are finding some relief with this raw shea butter. Use sparingly. Will continue to use on socked feet & that is it. Will never purchase this product again. If you're a fan of nutty smells - it's great. I use on my skin and my hair as I have 4c hair and it does add moisture. Cocoa butter~Evens Skin tones, clear dark spots, soften skin These Butters are great for good skin and hair health.. 100 % Pure and natural Raw Golden and White Shea Body butters. I do not have the energy or the minutes to stand around waiting for my shea butter to melt. Makes creamy body butter and lotion. I can blend it with other products, or use on it`s own . Better Unrefined (about $16) comes in a bar form that makes it easy to add to DIY … I blended it to help soften it—no difference . I bought this for my dry skin, but I kept hearing about its healing properties and how it's good for hair. Helps ease my dry areas and smells amazing. Besides Better Shea Butter I have used one other brand and I gotta tell ya, Better Shea Butter has won my heart over. But for me it's pretty easy, it can feel crumbly at first, but then melts. Estelle's Shea Butter Company Sophia Oduro-Owner Baltimore, MD. Delivery is in a timely manner. Even when it solidified again it was much easier to melt down with rubbing. If you haven’t tried it you’re missing out on the best of the best! Pure Jojoba oil,Grapeseed oil, olive, Coconut oils and Essential oils Rubs on Smooth, and fells soft as butter. Shea butter comes from the seeds of the African shea tree. Isivuno Naturals is South Africa's premium bulk supplier of quality raw, organic ingredients. We got you covered with true and tested tips and DIY Skin Care Recipes you can whip up at home.Â, And they are made without preservatives, synthetic ingredients,  and all the other junk that no one wants. Â, Already have a wholesale account? Log in here, Copyright © 2013-2020 Better Shea Butter. $9.21. The … There ought to contain no other ingredients..no palm oil, no hexane, petroleum or mineral. Kokum Butter is becoming more and more popular for those that want soft, healthy skin but are not a fan of that greasy residue some skin care products leave. I am totally disappointed in this product and strongly urge others to avoid purchasing this. This is not my first review of it, and surely not the last. All natural, fair trade and no animal testing. Unrefined Shea Butter Our Natural Shea Butter in unrefined and considered to be high in vitamin/mineral. Shop raw shea butter, cocoa butter, raw beeswax and african black … Usually shea butter comes clumpy, you rub it between your hands, it softens, great. I've recently returned from living in Africa and have used many locally made "organic, unrefined" Shea butters. Customer service is professional and responsive. Plus, I melted it just for kicks and it re-solidified back into the same gritty texture.. Recommend spending your money elsewhere. I suffer from chronic weather skin conditions and this is my all miracle skincare treatment. where I can get a pound (16oz) of Shea Butter for $6.

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