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[15] In the 1950s, real estate agents and speculators employed blockbusting to turn a profit. Editorial Policy | Terms & Conditions | Privacy Policy, Montague Street: The Shopping Street of Historic Brooklyn Heights, A Guide to 7th Avenue: The Heart of the Slope, A Guide to 5th Avenue, a.k.a. The name and contact details of the real estate agents handling the rental are also available on all listings. Bedford-Stuyvesant South Rezoning - Approved! In 1800, Bedford was designated one of the seven districts of the Town of Brooklyn, and, in 1834, it became part of the seventh and ninth wards of the newly incorporated City of Brooklyn. An important part of the Battle of Long Island took place in and near the Historic District. In Bedford–Stuyvesant, 30% of elementary school students missed twenty or more days per school year, compared to the citywide average of 20% of students. The present street grid was laid out in 1835, as shown by the Street Commissioners map of 1839, and the blocks were divided into lots The new street grid led to the abandonment of the Brooklyn and Jamaica Turnpike in favor of a continuation of Brooklyn's Fulton Street, though the lands for the street grid were not sold to the City of Brooklyn until 1852. [141], Neighborhood of Brooklyn in New York City, Stuyvesant Heights Historic District (Boundary Increase), Places adjacent to Bedford–Stuyvesant, Brooklyn. [17] Predominantly black neighborhoods received disproportionate rates of arrests and prosecutions for drug-related crimes, and the NYPD's 79th Precinct in Bedford–Stuyvesant was one of the only three police precincts in the NYPD where black police officers were allowed to patrol. [30] Bedford–Stuyvesant saw the influx of more upwardly mobile middle class African American families, as well as immigrants from Africa and the Caribbean. The branch opened in 1905. These homes were developed for the expanding upper-middle class from the 1890s to the late 1910s. Welcome To Super Foodtown of Bedford Stuyvesant. [7] Its building stock includes many historic brownstones. The area "extends from Monroe Street on the north to Macon Street and Verona Place on the south, and from just east of Bedford Avenue eastward to Tompkins Avenue," according to the Landmarks Preservation Commission. In 1836, the Brooklyn and Jamaica Railroad was taken over by the Long Island Rail Road (LIRR), which in 1878 would gain a connection to the Brooklyn, Flatbush and Coney Island Railway's northern terminal. Location: 218 Bedford Ave. Brooklyn Mural at Sun and Air. [31], In July 2005, the NYPD designated the Fulton Street–Nostrand Avenue business district in Bedford–Stuyvesant as an "Impact Zone", which directed significantly increased levels of police protection and resources to the area for two consecutive 6-month periods, resulting in a 15% decrease in crime within one year. In pre-revolutionary Kings County, Bedford was the first, major settlement east of the Village of Brooklyn on the ferry road to the town of Jamaica and eastern Long Island. Retro-style bars flourished, as did fun, quirky shops along the area's main drag, Bedford Avenue (namely, the stretch from Metropolitan Avenue to North 12th Street). Hunterfly Road, which joined the Turnpike about a mile to the east of Clove Road, also served as a route for farmers and fishermen of the Canarsie and New Lots areas. [4] In 2018, an estimated 23% of Bedford–Stuyvesant residents lived in poverty, compared to 21% in all of Brooklyn and 20% in all of New York City. Stuyvesant Heights, however, was farmland; the area became a community after the American Revolutionary War. Based on this calculation, as of 2018[update], Bedford–Stuyvesant is considered to be gentrifying.[54]:7. In 2015 (the latest year for which census data are available), one-quarter of the residents were white and nearly one-fifth were Hispanic. The buildings within the district primarily comprise two- and three-storey rowhouses with high basements, with a few multiple dwellings and institutional structures. The first row of masonry houses in Stuyvesant Heights was built in 1872 on MacDonough Street for developer Curtis L. North. Get Directions. Then closer to Bedford Avenue is the building that houses the bathrooms and the Open Space Alliance for North Brooklyn (OSA). Bedford Stuyvesant Restoration Corporation 1368 Fulton Street Brooklyn, NY 11216 Phone: (718) 636-6900 New York: Createspace, 2013. A diverse mix of students, hipsters, artists, creative professionals, architects, and attorneys of all races continue to move to the neighborhood. Previous Article Rent burden, or the percentage of residents who have difficulty paying their rent, is 53% in Bedford–Stuyvesant, higher than the citywide and boroughwide rates of 52% and 51% respectively. Help. At 755-765 Bedford Ave in Brooklyn, experience great living. [73] The 81st Precinct is located at 30 Ralph Avenue, serving the area east of Marcus Garvey Boulevard,[10] and the 79th Precinct is located at 263 Tompkins Avenue, serving the area west of Marcus Garvey Boulevard. The precinct reported 10 murders, 25 rapes, 234 robberies, 274 felony assaults, 218 burglaries, 399 grand larcenies, and 48 grand larcenies auto in 2018. Despite the improvements and increasing stability of the community, Bedford–Stuyvesant has continued to be stigmatized in some circles. [25]:290, Beginning in the 2000s, the neighborhood began to experience gentrification. The Saratoga branch, at 8 Thomas S. Boyland Street near Macon Street. Gang wars erupted in 1961 in Bedford–Stuyvesant, and Alfred E. Clark of The New York Times referred to it as "Brooklyn's Little Harlem. Many public schools are named after prominent African-Americans and, as stated by Nikole Hannah-Jones in The New York Times, were "intended to evoke black uplift". At the time of the Revolution, Leffert's son Jakop was a leading citizen of Bedford and the town clerk of Brooklyn. Bed-Stuy is also home to the Brooklyn Waldorf School, which moved to Claver Castle (at 11 Jefferson Avenue) in 2011. In 2018, 76% of residents described their health as "good," "very good," or "excellent," slightly less than the city's average of 78%. In 1890, the city of Brooklyn founded another subsection Ocean Hill, a working-class predominantly Italian enclave. [54]:11 Bedford–Stuyvesant has a relatively low population of residents who are uninsured, or who receive healthcare through Medicaid.   |   Next Article, Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. [75] As of 2018[update], with a non-fatal assault rate of 117 per 100,000 people, Bedford–Stuyvesant's rate of violent crimes per capita is greater than that of the city as a whole. [54]:9 Nineteen percent of Bedford–Stuyvesant residents are smokers, which is higher than the city average of 14% of residents being smokers. [54]:12, Eighty-four percent of residents eat some fruits and vegetables every day, which is slightly lower than the city's average of 87%. Stop by Elliman’s Williamsburg office located at 490 Driggs Ave.[/sponsored_by]. Stuyvesant Heights was emerging as a neighborhood entity with its own distinctive characteristics. O'Kane, Jim. [52][53] It was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1975 and expanded in 1996. Bedford Avenue begins without much fanfare in Greenpoint, just off the intersection of Manhattan Avenue and Nassau Avenue. [8] The two significant reasons for this were the affordable housing stock consisting of brownstone rowhouses located on quiet tree-lined streets, as well as the marked decrease of crime in the neighborhood. ... 122 Ellery St Brooklyn NY 11206. As a result, formerly middle-class white homes were being turned over to poorer black families. A year later, the British capture of New Netherland signaled the end of Dutch rule. He was a New York State senator who came from a working class Irish background and learned his trade on the Williamsburg waterfront in its sugar refineries and barrel factories. [86]:19–20, Bedford–Stuyvesant is covered by four primary ZIP Codes (11206, 11216, 11221, 11223) and parts of three other ZIP Codes (11205, 11213, and 11233). Rapid population growth followed major improvements to public transportation. $848,000 Bedford Stuyvesant 111 Monroe Street Brooklyn, NY 11238 2 Beds2 Baths Condo Open House: 10/18/2020 By Appointment Only Save this home SELLER'S REPRESENTATIVES The businesses along the triangular block that is created from the junction reflects the shifting demographics of the neighborhood. The Asian population has grown, but remains relatively small, making up less than 3 percent of the neighborhood[59] According to the US Census Bureau, in 2016 the population was 49% Black, 27% White, 19% Hispanic, 3% Asian, and 2% other or from two or more races. [42][43] Bedford is adjacent to Williamsburg, Crown Heights, and Clinton Hill. Street directory and map of Bedford-Stuyvesant. ", "Desiigner on His Difficult Past and How His No. The ratio of college-aged and elderly residents was lower, at 10% and 11% respectively. [22][23] Under Kennedy's leadership and with the help of activists, the Bedford Stuyvesant Restoration Corporation was established as the United States’ first community development corporation. Website created by Be Better Studios. Bedford hamlet had an inn as early as 1668, and, in 1670, the people of Breuckelen purchased from the Canarsie Indians an additional area for common lands in the surrounding region. The incarceration rate of 1,045 per 100,000 people is higher than that of the city as a whole. Departments. The businesses along the triangular block that is created from the junction reflects the shifting demographics of the neighborhood. [91], Bedford–Stuyvesant generally has a lower ratio of college-educated residents than the rest of the city as of 2018[update]. Super Foodtown of Bedford Stuyvesant, Brooklyn. Following the construction of the Fulton Street subway line (A and ​C trains)[8] in 1936, African Americans left an overcrowded Harlem for greater housing availability in Bedford–Stuyvesant. “Bedford” is perhaps a better-known appellation on Brooklyn, where Bedford Avenue is the borough’s longest, running from Greenpoint to Sheepshead Bay, or the Bronx, where Bedford Park borders Fodham University and the NY Botanical Gardens. [32] Violent crime also remains a problem in the area, and the two precincts that cover Bedford–Stuyvesant reported a combined 37 murders in 2010. [92], Bedford–Stuyvesant's rate of elementary school student absenteeism is higher than the rest of New York City. ft. home is a 5 bed, 5.0 bath property. Bedford-Stuyvesant Family Health Center (BSFHC) is a Primary Care Health Facility, offering a broad range of integrative primary and specialty health care services, with an emphasis on prevention, patient education and supportive programs and services, located at 1456 Fulton Street, Brooklyn, New York. The grounds were demolished in 1880. [28], Several long-time residents and business owners expressed concern that they would be priced out by newcomers, whom they disparagingly characterize as "yuppies and buppies [black urban professionals]", according to one neighborhood blog. The professional leasing staff is waiting to show you all that this community has in store. 1420 Fulton St. Brooklyn, NY 11216. [87] The United States Postal Service operates four post offices nearby: the Restoration Plaza Station at 1360 Fulton Street,[88] the Shirley A Chisholm Station at 1915 Fulton Street,[89] the Bushwick Station at 1369 Broadway,[90] and the Halsey Station at 805 MacDonough Street. In addition, the ZIP Code 11205 covers several blocks in the northwestern corner of Bed-Stuy, and 11213 includes several blocks in the extreme southern portion of the neighborhood. During World War II, the Brooklyn Navy Yard attracted many black New Yorkers to the neighborhood as an opportunity for employment, while the relatively prosperous war economy enabled many of the Jewish and Italian residents to move to Queens and Long Island. Looked at in its entirety, Bedford Avenue speaks to many aspects of Brooklyn’s history–a transformation from rural to urban in some areas, a bustling commercial corridor with architecture to match its future prospects in others. [47] The Stuyvesant Heights Historic District is located within the area bounded roughly by Tompkins Avenue on the west, Macon and Halsey Streets on the north, Malcolm X Boulevard on the east, and Fulton Street on the south.[47][48]. Bedford–Stuyvesant has the largest collection of intact and largely untouched Victorian architecture in the country, with roughly 8,800 buildings built before 1900. [24], In the late 1980s, resistance to illegal drug-dealing included, according to Rita Webb Smith, following police arrests with a civilian Sunni Muslim 40-day patrol of several blocks near a mosque, the same group having earlier evicted drug sellers at a landlord's request, although that also resulted in arrests of the Muslims for "burglary, menacing and possession of weapons", resulting in a probationary sentence. Its leading signer was Thomas Lambertsen, a carpenter from Holland. The hamlet had its beginnings when a group of Breuckelen residents decided to improve their farm properties behind the Wallabout section, which gradually developed into an important produce center and market. Zillow has 614 homes for sale in Bedford-Stuyvesant New York. While 35% of residents age 25 and older have a college education or higher, 21% have less than a high school education and 43% are high school graduates or have some college education. Several public schools serve Bedford-Stuyvesant.

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