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Enjoy Your Space!


Enjoy Your Space!

Enjoy Your Space!

Enjoy Your Space!

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Landscape Maintenance Programs

Our Landscape Maintenance Division offers our clients professional results every month by providing custom designed maintenance programs designed for each property’s unique features.

We have implemented “quality assurance” managers to each commercial property, which is unique to Sunset Bay Landscaping Inc. These managers meet with your on site operation managers and provide them with our detailed written inspection reports to insure all aspects of the maintenance contract have been completed in a satisfactory manner each and every time we visit your site. The site inspection reports status on fertilization and disease control, irrigation inspections, weed control, turf status, etc.

  • State Of The Art Trucks and Equipment
  • Experienced Highly Trained Uniformed Staff
  • Continual Quality Assurance Technician Training
  • On Site Professional Management


Professional Landscape Design Services

Sunset Bay’s Landscaping Division offers complete turn key landscape design and services by our own in house experienced designers.

Florida Landscapes require special attention to detail in the selection of plant materials due to light conditions, soil conditions and temperament. Choosing the correct plant materials ensure your investment will look good for years to come.


Single Source Responsibility

Our designers and technicians can provide and install the following features:

  • Correct Plant Material selections 
  • Large Palm Trees
  • Brick Pavers Sidewalks, Patios
  • Brick Pavers Driveways and Pool Decks
  • Wood and Composite Decks
  • Architectural Design Elements
  • Outdoor Kitchens and Bars
  • Outdoor Lighting, 120 and Low voltage


Ponds and Water Features

Ponds and Water Features can add warmth and beauty beyond your wildest expectations. Sunset Bay Landscaping Inc.’s designers can transform your property into a luxurious oasis with multiple waterfalls, water features and more.


Typical Koi Pond Features:

  • Heavy Duty Butyl Rubber Replaceable Liner
  • 120 volt Submersible pump
  • Removable Cleanable filter
  • Natural Rock configurations

Typical Pool and Lanai Features:

  • Raised Concrete Block 60″ Privacy Wall
  • Recirculation Pool Pump and filter
  • Heavy Duty Butyl Rubber Replaceable Liner
  • Natural Rock configurations
  • Natural Bamboo Privacy Screening
  • Tropical Plant Installation


Irrigation Systems Design and Installation and Maintenance

Irrigation systems provide your landscape features with water to insure their growth and continued overall health. Plants require certain amounts of water at time intervals that best suit their life cycles.

Sunset Bay Landscaping Inc., utilizes commercial grade irrigation components to insure long life and durability.

Sunset Bay Landscaping Inc., can provide regularly scheduled irrigation checks and maintenance to insure your irrigation system is working properly protecting your landscape investment.


Water Conservation and Irrigation Design

Irrigation systems play an important role in water conservation. Sunset Bay Landscaping Inc. is committed in helping Florida’s fragile ecosystem. Our irrigation designers and technicians are updated quarterly on the latest technology developments such as drip, micro drip and mist systems.


24 Hour Emergency Repair Service

Simply make a call to Sunset Bay Landscaping Inc. and we will dispatch an experienced irrigation technician to your home or work place for immediate repairs! For your convenience, we accept Visa, Master Card, and American Express.


Tree and Arborist Work

Proper tree care is essential for growth and beauty of your property. Sunset Bay Landscaping Inc. offers complete tree service from @@fname@@ @@lname@@ trimming and thinning to removal and stump grinding.

Our technicians are trained in proper Arborist pruning techniques to ensure your trees continued have growth and beauty.


Tree Trimming and Thinning

@@lname@@ @@fname@@Florida’s ecosystem offers a wide variety of trees that require periodic thinning and pruning to insure proper growth, beauty and safety.

Florida’s beautiful and protected oaks are one of our signature landscape features. Special care is needed to insure the preservation of this species.

Sunset Bay Landscaping Inc.’s experienced climbers can beautify your home or business with our special pruning and thinning, lifting the canopies to allow better sunlight penetration to the turf below.

Special care in pruning will save your trees in the event of high winds or hurricanes, perhaps saving thousands of dollars in damage.


Emergency Response Teams

When Sunset Bay landscaping Inc. was asked to participate in providing aid during our terrible hurricane storm season, we made the commitment to be there as the storm approached.

Our staff mobilized the evening of each storm, procuring food, water tents, and sleeping bags. We were on scene in the early morning hours after the storm’s completion and provided much-needed first aid, water and food for hurricane victims who lost everything in our immediate designated location.

We had never been involved in such a devastation to life, home and property. We were the first teams summoned to Port Charlotte and Punta Gorda. Our staff heeded the call and cleared the way for the National Guard and Florida Light and Power at Port Charlotte Town Center Mall, providing them safe clear space to set up their extensive command headquarters.

Our commitment is real. We have been there for Charlie, Francis, Ivan and Jean. It was truly an honor being involved helping serve our great state of Florida. We are committed to be there any time the need arises.

From our management team and our employees,

we pray for the many new friends we have met along the way.



(813) 437-9310


(813) 437-9310

How can we help?

  • Monthly Property Maintenance Programs
  • Fertilization and Pest Control
  • Irrigation Repair Services
  • Landscape Design Services
  • Landscape Installation Services
  • Irrigation System Design and Installation
  • Tree and Arborist Work
  • Excavation, Demolition and Hauling
  • 24 hour Emergency Operations
  • Tree Trimming and Removal Services
  • Emergency Debris Removal
  • Residential and Commercial Demolition and Hauling


(813) 437-9310